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The 2014-15 start date for King Elementary is yet to be determined. Keep checking this website for updates and information.

King Elementary Announcements
Back to School
First day of school is TO BE DETERMINED due to construction. Estimated date is August 21, but this could change. 

**Update July 25, 2014**
Landscape and electrical work continue this week. Floors in the kindergarten rooms have been installed. The library desk and cabinets have been installed. New ceilings are complete and you can see natural light through the new windows. Estimated school start is still August 21. The final fire inspection will take place on August 5 and we will have a better time frame after that. Thank you all for your patience. 
Photo gallery: www.facebook.com/WidefieldSchoolDistrict3

**Update July 17, 2014**
The front steps are finished. New carpet, solar panels and cabinets are being installed. Landscaping continues around the building. We're getting closer!
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**Update July 10,2014**
Electrical gear has been installed. Front sidewalk installation has begun and the new front steps are going in. 
Photo gallery: www.facebook.com/WidefieldSchoolDistrict3 

**Update July 2, 2014**
Plumbing is complete. All the sheet rock is now up. Painting and roofing has begun. Carpeting will also start this week. Concrete is being poured for steps and sidewalks.
Photo gallery: www.facebook.com/WidefieldSchoolDistrict3 

**Update June 19, 2014**
Landscaping continues on the east side of the front of the building. The front office is also starting to take shape. Progress continues on the boiler room. Windows have been delivered and roof work has begun. 
Photo gallery: www.facebook.com/WidefieldSchoolDistrict3

**Update June 12, 2014**
Progress continues on mechanical and electrical installations, as well as work on the drywall and landscaping. Painting is scheduled to begin this weekend in areas of the building. Ceiling grids will be installed once the painting is complete.  
Photo gallery: www.facebook.com/WidefieldSchoolDistrict3 

**Update June 6, 2014**
The building is being put back together. Classroom and office walls are going up. The new mechanical system is being installed. The front landscape wall is now up. Insulation continues in the hallways. King is starting to look like a school again!
Photo gallery: www.facebook.com/WidefieldSchoolDistrict3 

**Update June 3, 2014**
Framing continues inside the building. Crews have started the sheet rock process as well as putting in the foundation for the new boiler room. We have received the chiller plant for the cooling system. Plumbing, electrical, and mechanical installation continues to progress. 
Photo gallery: www.facebook.com/WidefieldSchoolDistrict3 

**Update May 23, 2014**

After 8 days of construction 90 percent of the building demolition is complete. 
We have about a third of the inside, exterior walls insulated and new stud work in progress. 
There are new HVAC trunk lines as well as water supply lines installed in the ceiling. 
New sewer lines are going in for the new restroom areas. At the same time we have new electrical service lines being installed in different areas around the building.  A number of the new door frames for the new classroom areas are being set in place. The project has moved very well and is on schedule.

Photo gallery www.facebook.com/WidefieldSchoolDistrict3

**Update May 13, 2014** 
The last day of school was May 9. The building was completely cleared out by Friday night. On Saturday morning, contractors began tearing down the ceiling and taking apart restrooms. The teachers moved to the gym at the S.A. Wilson building to finish out the school year. As mentioned before, crews will be working day and night during the King Elementary remodel. If you have any questions, please email our Director of Communication Samantha Briggs at briggss@wsd3.org.

**Update: April 2014**
The remodel to King Elementary is in full swing. The fire sprinkler system was installed in the gym area over spring break. You will start to see more construction equipment and materials arrive on campus in the next couple weeks. As you know, the last day of school for King is May 9. The building will be emptied by May 10 and contractors start work on May 12. We will keep you updated on the construction progress from start to finish. 
If you have any questions, please email our Director of Communication Samantha Briggs at briggss@wsd3.org.
Battle of the Books

Click here
for the summer reading list.
Summer Reading Programs

King Elementary has two exciting reading programs this summer! Click the links for more information.

Razzle Dazzle Reading Club
Cougar University, The Thirteen Hundred Club

District Announcements
700+ Chromebooks for WSD3

Widefield School District 3 is excited to bring more than 700 Google Chromebooks into our classrooms for the 2014-15 school year. Students will get the opportunity to improve typing and online test-taking skills and be able to easily communicate and collaborate using Google Apps for Education. Students will also be able to access their files stored in Google Drive from anywhere. Chromebooks have proved to be a reliable and stable testing device for the state required CMAS and PARCC. Students and staff will enjoy the fast startup times, all day battery life and ease of use. Widefield School District 3 believes Chromebooks will help improve the learning environment in our classrooms by increasing student engagement.
2014-15 Registration & Important Information
Click HERE for information about:
  • registration
  • class schedules
  • fall sports and physicals
  • transporation
  • open house/meet the teacher days
  • orientation
  • K-5 before and after school childcare
  • breakfast and lunch prices
Widefield: Leading the Way

Widefield School District 3 is the exception to the negative trends on school district third-grade reading scores across the Pikes Peak region. While surrounding school district averages have dipped slightly, Widefield improved 5 percent on its district average this year. Since 2011, District 3 has made significant gains and is continually above the state average.


2013-14 School Supply Lists
Supply lists for all elementary and junior high schools are now available. You can view and print the lists here:

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