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Cougar University


Cougar University: 

An At-Home Reading & Math Program

Let the Learning Begin!

Cougar University begins September 1st! The philosophy behind Cougar University is to promote reading and math outside of the school day. It’s proven that students who read outside of the school day perform higher across all academic subjects, have a better vocabulary, read more fluently, and develop a joy for reading. Learning math facts supports fluency and allows time to focus on math concepts. Parents, we are asking for your help to encourage reading and math at home and to stay true to the rules for documentation. Students work their way through the program starting with earning their High School Diploma and moving through the degrees. Please document daily minutes.  A suggested reading and math fact method is 20 minutes a day for five of the seven days. Please remember, Cougar University is our way of getting students excited to read and learn math facts!!! 

Print Cougar University Reading Log  

High School Diploma-280 minutes; Associate’s Degree-700 minutes ; Bachelor’s Degree-1120 minutes; Master’s Degree 1540 minutes; and Doctorate – 2000 minutes.

Reminders and clarifications

  • This is an at-home reading and math program – the 20 minutes that count are minutes spent reading or doing math facts outside the classroom 

  • Please document any minutes your child read or worked on math facts outside the classroom.  

  • Parents must sign off on their student’s nightly reading and math

  • September 1st is the kick off day to begin Cougar University!

  • Students should be reading new books, not documenting books they have already read over the summer or at the start of this year

  • Students in Kindergarten and First may count the minutes that are read to them

  • All other students should be reading books at their level – picture books will count only for K-2 students

  • Cougar University logs should remain in each student’s folder, allowing the classroom teacher to also keep up on at-home reading and math

  • Logs should be turned into your child’s teacher

  • Prizes and recognition will be given for every degree

  •  Some of the websites your child can use to study their math facts are: soft math, math playground, cool math, prodigy. Flash cards, playing cards, and dominoes are also great tools to use for math facts.

  • Cougar University is also a part of our Renaissance Program - students need to participate in order to earn Renaissance cards.

Parents, thank you for your efforts in promoting learning for your child and staying true to the overall idea behind COUGAR UNIVERSITY- CREATING A LOVE OF READING AND MATH! 

King Elementary Staff