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The ROARS Way is a combination of Rachel's Challenge and PBIS that focuses on promoting positive behavior. Links are given to both students and adults who display ROARS behavior. The links will be displayed in chains around the school.
Cougar Club Cards
Students who are showing exceptional ROARS behavior will be given a Cougar Club Card. The cards are displayed by the front office, and when the students fill 10 slots in a row, they win a "mystery motivator." This can be anything from extra recess or game day to a special treat from the principal.







Listen to adults and accept directions.
Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Use a quiet voice.
Wait your turn.
Go to the bathroom
Wash your hands and get back to class.
Listen to adults and accept directions.
Be kind to self and others.
Listen to adults and accept directions
Lines are silent zones.
Use good table manners.
Listen to adults and accept directions.
Practice active listening.
Lines are silent zones.
Keep hands at your sides or folded in front of you.
Be ready learners.
Be prepared with materials.
Be quick and quiet.
Plan restroom breaks for appropriate times.
Line up quickly and quietly when whistle blows or bell rings.
Have everything you need (including coat).
Throw away all trash when leaving.
Stay with your class.
Sit properly.
Enter and exit quietly.
Stay in line.
Know your destination.
Keep a positive focus on learning.
Use manners.
Be polite.
Allow others their privacy.
Be kind.
Follow rules of games.
Use good sportsmanship.
Treat others with kindness.
Be polite.
Follow adult directions.
Listen carefully to performers or speakers.
Be polite to others.
Follow classroom routines and procedures.
Engage in classroom learning and expectations.
Keep restrooms clean.
Wash hands.
Allow others their privacy.
Report any concerns.
Make safe choices.
Follow playground rules.
Assist classmates when needed.
Use 2-inch voices.
Clean up your area.
Be prepared to discuss what you experienced.
Leave and arrive on time, both quickly and quietly.
Safe hands.
Safe feet.
Quiet voice.
Take care of your business properly.
Keep the restroom clean.
Use equipment properly.
Stay in assigned areas.
Report concerns immediately.
Stay seated until dismissed.
Keep hands and feet to self.
Stay in line.
Walk to seat.
Keep hands and feet to self.
Follow adult directions.
Keep hands and feet to self.
Watch where you are going.