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Kelso's Choice

Kelsos Choice

Kelso's Choices Conflict Resolution Curriculum

Kelso's Choice is a new curriculum to King Elementary that was introduced in the 2018-2019 school year. It is an evidence-based program that teaches conflict resolution by helping students understand the difference between big and small problems. It also provides empowerment and accountability by helping them understand that they are smart enough and strong enough to solve small problems on their own, using Kelso's Choices. This curriculum is used in whole classroom instruction, small group, and individual counseling. It is extremely applicable to both school and home life. Furthermore, the program is evident throughout the school environment, and is tied directly back to the language used in the Brain Wise Curriculum.

Small Problems

Students are taught that small problems are things that make them feel sad, frustrated, angry, annoyed, or upset. In these situations, students are expected to try and solve the problem on their own, using 2 of Kelso's Choices, before going to a adult. Examples include cutting in line, or someone refusing to share.

Big Problems

Students learn that big problems involve feeling scared, and are almost always dangerous. In these situations, students are instructed to go directly to an adult they trust. Examples include a peer being aggressive, or a child running into the street.

  • Kelso's Choices
    • Talk It Out
    • Share and Take Turns
    • Ignore It
    • Walk Away
    • Apologize
    • Make a Deal
    • Go to Another Game
    • Tell Them to Stop
    • Wait and Cool Off


Kelso's Choice Wheel K-3

First page of the PDF file: Kelsoschoicewheelk3

Kelso's Choice Wheel 4-5

First page of the PDF file: KC_Wheel_4-5