Military Family Life Counselor

Counseling- Military Family Life Consultant

The Department of Defense has provided a Military Family Life Counselor (MFLC) at King Elementary.   The school MFLC provides brief, solution-focused, non-medical counseling to active military and their families. The school MFLC is a licensed clinician.  Interactions with your child and/or family are kept in strictest confidence. No records are kept. If you are interested in learning more about the program, stop by the school and pick up a brochure or call the school MFLC directly at 719-651-7710.   A “Informed Consent Form” must be signed prior to the school MFLC working with any child directly. This letter will be sent home with children or will be included in the registration packets and can also be acquired at the school Registrar’s office.  Signing this letter signifies that the parent has read the information regarding the services that the MFLC provides and gives the MFLC permission to interact with their child should a need arise for support. Signing it does not mean that the MFLC will necessarily work with your child individually.