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FUNd Run 2021!


Greetings from M.L. King Elementary!

Our motto at King is “One Team, One Dream". This year, we are planning our 8th Annual King Elementary FUND Run to be held in April and are looking for businesses to become a part of our Team. It takes a special event to get over 400 children eagerly jogging around a course for 10, 15, or even 20 laps. The event promotes school spirit, physical fitness, a sense of community and teamwork as well as raising funds for our school. 

We are committed to raising over $10,000 for our school, but we need sponsors to pull it off. As a business owner you know it takes money to raise money! We need financial support with the startup costs. To increase excitement and participation, every student and staff member will receive a FUNd run t-shirt. We also want to provide all participants with a healthy snack and water during the event. Finally, we want to provide incentive prizes to the students who raise the most money. 

We are asking for a monetary contribution from you, and we will in turn advertise and promote your business to our families in the community. We believe our families will support your businesses as a "thank you for supporting us! Please consider what type of sponsor you would like to be: 

Bronze Star Contributor - $100.00-recognized in our yearbook.

Silver Star Contributor - $250.00- recognized in our yearbook and on our FUND Run t-shirts with a small business emblem.

Gold Star Contributor $500.00 and up - recognized in our hallways and our parent nights, in our yearbook, on our FUNd Run t-shirts with a large business emblem, and announce business at each of our 3 family nights over the next year. 

Wow ---over 400 students advertising your business!!! 

All donations shall be made to King Elementary and must be submitted by April 1, 2021. This will ensure you are advertised appropriately. We can pick up payment or it can be mailed to King Elementary, 6910 Defoe Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80911. The monies we raise at King Elementary will enable us to increase the use of technology in all classrooms and support extracurricular activities. In addition, we want to increase the volume and quality of books in our school and individual classroom libraries. 

Thank you in advance for your support! With children first, 


Tricia Bentley, Principal - (719) 719-391-3463

Tina Krieg, Secretary - 719-391-3455